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New Years Eve by Ryan Hall

Hi loyal blog readers!

I recently had a grand time photographing New Years Eve Party held at Metronome in Nottingham. It was a large event with roughly 200 attendants, including Djs on the night J Parmar(Kemet Radio), Success Sound, Ghetto Jam Delroy Topnotch Young and JNR B.

Photo By: Ryan Hall - Halls IP

All of the guests showed up with lots of spirit and enthusiasm.

  • Food

  • Bar separate from the party room

  • Sitting area for when you want a break or breather

  • Photobooth by yours truly

I was glad to have been there for all the excitement and happy to share some of that excitement with you here. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



Eternally Yours Bridal Wear Accessory Event - Saal Digital Review by Ryan Hall

So we was invited to an accessory event at Eternally Yours Bridal Wear in Newark on Trent along with other wedding vendors back in April and it was a great was what you would call a mini Wedding Fair, even though many of the brides that attended was already sorted with a wedding photographer... they threw us some very much appreciated comments!! Our wedding images on display had a bride thinking twice about the photographer she already chose!!

We look forward to future wedding fairs and the products we use from Saal-Digital as you can see in the image below the 50x50 Canvas is of great quality and would recommend Saal - Digital to other vendors who desires prints!.

If you wish to have us for your wedding! contact us today!!

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Eternally Yours!! by Ryan Hall

Bridal Photoshoot at Eternally Yours Bridalwear

Its been a long time since we last posted. 

Have you missed us?? Well we come bearing gifts ;)

Like we said it's been a long time and during our times of absence we have collaborated with Eternally Yours Bridalwear a local bridal shop in Newark-on-Trent in a bridal photoshoot session, producing concepts of the Helen Henderson Collection of Wedding dresses. We worked with local #model Tyler Rolfe which was her actual first time modelling and she was IS a natural.

#Wedding #Bridalwear #Weddingphotographer #businesses

Below are some of the images from the session. Please leave your comments and thoughts as we appreciate any feedback.

Goose Fair - Nottingham 2017

Further on into October we...well I Ryan haha, I teamed up with my brother from another Thesian of Fiji Designs and attended the annual Nottingham event, 'The Goose Fair' and instead of being guests and enjoying the rides, candy floss and food, we decided to capture others enjoying those same festivities, grabbing those smiles and laughters and children enjoying the food and filling them selves up on the sweet cart. It was a brilliant time and we all will be doing this again next time.

#Goosefair #Candyfloss #ToffeApples

Halloween was erm 'Fun'

Well we felt the Halloween spirit this year haha. We teamed up with Georgia of Georgias SpecialFX and a few models from Lincoln and put together a small Halloween photoshoot session to get into the spooky spirit mwahahahaha!!. 

Working with Georgia is the start of many projects together, with magnificent artistic talent for special FX makeup, from face paint to latex movie style makeup. We look to the future to bring and present amazing work from working together. Below are images from the Halloween Shoot. Again please comment and leave feedback for both our sake and Georgia's. TA

Check out our Instagram for more from the Halloween Shoot

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