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We met some great photographers in the world! by Ryan Hall

The Photography Show 2019

Since deciding to become a pro photographer, I have been wanting to branch out and network more. I heard about The Photography Show and planned to go last year, but due to unseen circumstance that ship failed.

However, I signed up to the Society of Photographers and since, have been receiving newsletters and letters in the post. One of those letters had happened to be the leaflet for The Photography Show 2019, and without hesitation I went and booked both mine, and my brothers tickets as trade professionals.

THe Photography SHow 2019 trade passes

With so many stalls to see, we was overwhelmed with how big the actual show was. Businesses from all over that specialise in, video and film making, accessories, photography and equipment, insurance and more. We participated in the workshops and seminars, taking away new lessons and set ups to try. Pros such as the beautiful, Lindsay Adler, The goat, Jason Lanier and the lovely Emily Rinaldo and my favourite Photographer Hannah Couzen and my idle retoucher Pratik Naik. Meeting these people has made me up my game and made me want to increase my skills. I plan to be more creative and take more photos out of the box.

Me with Jason Lanier and Emily Rinaldo - My first fanboy moment ever!

We watch the workshop which Tina Eison was giving at the Profoto stall.

We watch the workshop which Tina Eison was giving at the Profoto stall.

Me and the retoucher god Pratik Naik!!!

The beautiful Hannah Couzen and I

I cannot wait for the 2020 Photography Show. My aim is to have at least one of my photos on display. As I said before, 2019 is the year where my skills and talent goes up a level or 2.

Below are some more images I took at the show.

Check out the pros here: https://www.hcphotography.co.uk/ https://www.solsticeretouch.com/ http://tinaeisen.com/ http://www.jasonlanier.com/

Also here is info for the next show if you wish to go and see what my hype is about - https://www.photographyshow.com/